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Siebel CTI

Siebel CTI (Computer Telephony Integration)

siebel_cti1Siebel CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) provides voice-channel support for call center agents using Siebel Business Applications.
CTI capabilities are provided through integration with third-party CTI middle ware packages, such as Avaya, Nortel Networks, Siemens.
Siebel CTI provides integrated inbound, outbound, and transfer call routing based on comprehensive information about the customer, agent, channels, and service level agreements
Siebel Communications Server supports communications features for Siebel Call Center, Siebel Email Response, and other Siebel Business Applications
Communications channels supported for Siebel Business Applications include voice, email, Web collaboration (including Web chat and voice-over-IP), fax, page, and wireless message.

Siebel Communication Toolbar

Siebel Communication Toolbar
siebel_cti_communication tool bar
Quick facts about CTI
Siebel CTI integrates the Siebel Web Client with the CTI middleware and the telephone switch through the Siebel Communications Server infrastructure
Siebel CTI enables an integrated context sensitive “softphone”
The telephone switch provides notification of telephony events through the CTI middleware to the Siebel Communications Server
The Siebel user interacts with the telephone system with the Siebel Web Client
Siebel CTI provides a validated out-of-the-box integration with Siebel CTI Connect for many telephony switch manufacturers.
Siebel CTI provides the Siebel Adaptive Communications API programming layer
Siebel CTI may be used with all Siebel eBusiness base applications
This is just an overview of Siebel CTI , Discussions are open for Siebel CTI


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